In this Podcast, Prehospital Care Specialist Dwayne Cottel sits down with Dr. Matthew Davis, SWORBHP Regional Medical Director, to discuss Base Hospital Physician (BHP) patching. SWORBHP recently conducted a pilot project to test the feasibility of Centralized Patching. This podcast highlights SWORBHP’s historical model of BHP patching and the impetus to move to Centralized Patching.

“What exactly is Centralized Patching?” and “What are some of the perceived benefits and drawbacks to this model?” are some of the questions that will be explored, and answered, in this podcast. In addition, how Centralized Patching will impact you as a frontline SWORBHP paramedic is discussed.  An overview of some of the lessons learned from our pilot project as well as some upcoming developments with BHP patching will be shared.

Read the Patching Post to keep up with all of the latest news regarding SWORBHP's centralized patching initiative:

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